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Keira4 years of experience

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Our engineer sourcing service includes:

Expert screening

Find top candidates across platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, and AngelList. Screen resumes for programming languages, years of experience, previous employers, and more.

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Surface underrepresented and best-fit talent with data on professional interests, Github contributions, project activity, and more.

Contact generation

Get valid candidate emails, LinkedIns, and social handles. Receive a fresh list of candidates every week to supercharge hiring.

Like Having a Secret Superpower

Break free from time-consuming sourcing and screening. Reach Pareto 24/7 over Slack, Discord, or email. Share your job description, match with a data analyst, and get a custom quote and free data sample the same day. We take care of the strategic details so you can focus on hiring talent.


@Pareto, help me find python developers with 3-6 years of experience building video streaming technology. Let’s start with 100 per week.


On it. Here’s a sample list of engineers we think would be a good fit. We can find 100 each week for $150. Want to continue?




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We guarantee your data will be high-quality and immediately actionable. If any data does not match your requested criteria, let us know within 10 days of delivery and we’ll refund or replace the data at no extra cost.

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