How a Venture Fund Accelerated Their Product Launch by 2 Months

"In our weekly team meetings, we’re constantly asking: how do we get Pareto more involved in our processes? The amount of time that Pareto saves really allows everybody on the team to focus on their own specialized work. Pareto is #1." Austen Spoonts, Co-founder of Humbl

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Austen Spoonts, Humbl CEO

Austen Spoonts

Humbl CEO

Phoebe Yao, Pareto Founder

Phoebe Yao

Pareto Founder

Lanie Col-long, Pareto Partner

Lanie Col-long

Pareto Partner

Camille Arigo, Pareto Partner

Camille Arigo

Pareto Partner


The Challenge

Austen Spoonts, Chief of Staff and Co-founder at Humbl, a startup incubator, needed help gathering data for one of Humbl’s latest ventures, The Comparison Company, in time for its website launch. With his small startup incubator team, Austen’s time was stretched thin running Humbl’s investment operations, managing portfolio companies, and launching new websites.

The Request

Austen turned to Pareto for help with his large data collection project. As the first step, he sent a message to his Pareto Partner via Slack:


Hi Camille, please compile an assortment of Top 5 firms/brand providers for the listed fields in the US. Include with each 2 or 3 really short and crisp reasons for making it into the Top 5. I’ll attach an image for reference.


Understood, we will start working on this right away and deliver the first credit of work within 24 hours.

Humbl Headquarters
Humbl Headquarters


Work Sample

Within a few hours of Austen’s task request, Camille delivers a sample of collected data for Austen’s initial feedback. Austen verifies it’s exactly what he’s looking for and provides further clarification.


Hi Austen, kindly check the first tab on this spreadsheet. Are we on the right track when it comes to the crisp description you’re looking for?


Yes, the tab is perfect! Another thing, these can be any fields except the ones mentioned here.


Thank you for your feedback. This is noted.

Final Results

The Impact

In under a week, Camille and her team spent 85 credits to capture hundreds of data points. With each credit equivalent to 1 hour of expert work, Pareto helped Humbl eliminate over 2 weeks of manual effort and save more than $8,400 in manual data processing costs.

Pareto was like having a full-time employee without having to hire somebody. That’s how I would explain it. An on-call, on-demand full-time employee.

Austen Spoonts

Austen went on use Pareto on a variety of data automation work for the Humbl team. In the first 2 weeks of working with Pareto, Humbl:

  • Built a list of top competitors and their products across specific markets in the U.S.
  • Enriched customer and lead data
  • Sourced and applied to affiliate programs
Humbl saved approximately $8400 using Pareto when compared to completing these tasks internally. On top of that, Austen’s Pareto Partner, Camille, project managed and quality assured all Pareto deliverables, giving the Humbl’s team the peace of mind to focus on the investing strategy that only they could execute.

For a startup, expenses are the number one thing that can kill a company. Helping us stay on budget and on time made Pareto invaluable.

Austen Spoonts