“Pareto is #1. In our weekly team meetings, we’re constantly asking: how do we get Pareto more involved in our processes? The amount of time that Pareto saves really allows everybody on the team to focus on their own specialized work.”

Austen Spoonts, COO and co-founder @ Humbl, owner @ Rock Steady Boxing, Inc.

Insights fromIndustrySolutionsAccomplishmentsTime savedMoney saved
Austen SpoontsAI financial comparisonData enrichment and market researchWebsite launch 2 months ahead of schedule132.5 hours saved5,320 USD saved [1]

This is the story of how Pareto’s fast-tracked data collection allowed startup incubator Humbl to compile the necessary data to launch their flagship project, The Comparison Company, two months ahead of schedule.

Austen Spoonts shares how the Humbl team moved faster in collecting the necessary data on products and services across U.S. markets to launch the website. More than that, with data enrichment on leads, they better understood their target customer’s needs to create the perfect product for them.

Read along to see Pareto in action!

The Comparison Company: Empowering Users to Make Informed Financial Decisions

The Comparison Company (TCC) is Humbl’s flagship product. TCC uses AI to find the best rates for utilities, loans, insurance, and more. From assisting with student loan refinancing to finding the best cell phone plans, TCC follows Humbl’s motto of “equity without ego”.

On a mission to empower users to make informed financial decisions through affordable utility prices, insurance, and loan comparison, The Comparison Company is value-aligned with Pareto’s economic empowerment mission. Having officially launched by the end of 2020, it is now the largest comparison company in the US.

The Challenge

The comparison market is highly time-sensitive and requires fast and accurate data to quickly respond to market changes. Austen came to Pareto with a challenge: launching a website for their newest project in time during a pandemic.

The Humbl team started the development of TCC in early 2020 while simultaneously focusing core efforts on growing their business and investing in socially impactful projects. When the pandemic hit, keeping everything on track was a challenge.

Humble contacted Pareto because they needed help gathering information to build The Comparison Company’s website. As a startup incubator, their small core team’s responsibilities were divided, responsible both for developing Humbl and cultivating and managing their portfolio.

Where Pareto Comes In

Without Pareto, Humbl’s options were not ideal: split these tasks up amongst the team or hire out. The first could lead to delays, with their small team prioritizing more pressing obligations. The second option also came with the time-intensive process of recruiting and onboarding, with the added cost of salary and benefits to bring in new team members.

Limiting costs was a priority from day one. “For a startup, expenses are the number one thing that can kill a company,” explained Austen. “So helping us stay on budget and on time made Pareto invaluable.”

On top of the savings, all Pareto tasks were managed and quality-assured by Camille, their Project Partner, lifting the burden of overseeing the delegation process and quality checking the outputs. This allowed the team to devote their time and resources to the critical work only they could do.

Pareto in Action

Humbl’s small team looked to Pareto for support on scaling essential repeatable data collection so they could dedicate more time to their core competencies and investing operations.

Pareto took on a variety of repeatable tasks for the Humbl team, including lead generation and high-volume research. With Pareto’s help, the Humbl team:

  1. Compiled data on products and services across U.S. markets.
  2. Learned more about customers and leads through data enrichment.
  3. Sourced and applied to affiliate programs.

Empowering Lean Teams to Work Big

Pareto accomplished the first assigned task in under a week – something that would have taken the Humbl’s team more than two weeks of dedicated work to deliver.

Starting a new project is as easy as sending a simple Slack message to the Project Partner:

AUSTEN: Hi Camille! Please compile an assortment of Top 5 firms/brand providers for the listed fields in the U.S. Include with each 2 or 3 really short and crisp reasons for making it into the Top 5. I’ll attach an image for reference.

Camille shared the initial progress to verify that the work aligned with their needs. The customer can update the instructions if necessary to ensure maximum accuracy and satisfaction.

CAMILLE: Thank you! Meet @Rona, our data analyst working on this task. Kindly see the first tab: are we on the right track when it comes to the crisp description/reason?

AUSTEN: Yes, the tab is perfect! Another thing — they can be any fields except the ones mentioned here: [attached reference]

CAMILLE: Thank you for your feedback! These are all noted.

When the project was completed, Camille sent Austen the finished task.

CAMILLE: Hi! Sending you the first iteration of the Top 5 firms/brand providers here.

AUSTEN: Thank you. Extremely awesome work!

After Austen confirmed that the firms and brand providers matched their needs, Camille and the team continued working on this recurrent task following the same process.

Austen expressed how much the Pareto team contributed to the launch ahead of schedule, “Without Pareto’s help, our four-person team wouldn’t have been able to launch The Comparison Company nearly as quickly. It definitely took considerable time off our production roadmap. Pareto was invaluable to making sure that we were able to go from a concept at the beginning of 2020 to a project that went live the day before Christmas."

Stay Ahead of Your Deadlines With Pareto as Your Extended Team

Pareto is one click away to tackle your time-consuming market research and data enrichment. By working with Pareto, the Humbl team managed to stay focused on their core responsibilities and launch The Comparison Company ahead of time.

When reflecting on the experience of working with Pareto, Austen shared that “Pareto was like having a full-time employee without having to hire somebody. That’s how I would explain it. An on-call, on-demand full-time employee.”

With customizable data collection and enrichment, customers can easily learn more about leads and better understand what they want and need. Ultimately, with this information, they can create products that are tailored to their ideal customers.

Offloading repeatable tasks is only one message away. Customers can send any requests to their Project Partner through their preferred channel, whether Slack, email, Discord, or even through a call.

Want to add Pareto to your team and get ahead of deadlines? Get started today!

[1] According to the average salary for an in-house data analyst, calculated by Pave Benchmarking.